Why don’t buttons work when I click them?

Are you trying to create an Elements account, log in or place an order but nothing seems to happen when you click a button?

What's the issue?

  • Are you using Internet Explorer? Don't, this discontinued browser is full of bugs. Learn more.
  • Is Javascript turned off? Our site (like most) uses it so it needs to be activated.
  • Do you need to clear your cache? Sometimes things just get clogged up and this helps!

What should I do?

  1. Use Google ChromeFirefoxSafari or Microsoft Edge and everything will work just fine.
  2. Check Javascript is enabled by visiting enable-javascript.com. If you need to, enable it.
  3. Clear your cache, see below.

How do I clear my cache?

How do I find out what browser I'm using?

Visit https://whatbrowser.org/. If it says ‘Internet Explorer’ then you know what to do!

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