How do I request an amendment on a completed order?

Have you received an order back from us but something is not quite right? Just let us know what needs to be changed by submitting an amendment request.

How do I request an amendment?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My orders > Completed.
  3. Go Action > Request an amendment.
  4. In the popup, tell us what needs changing and attach any updated files.

How can I avoid multiple amendments?

For Floorplan Conversion orders, it's always a good idea to upload an updated and annotated sketch/file when requesting your amendment. This really is a big help!

For Image Enhancement and Video Slideshow orders, rather than just describe the changes, tell us which image you're referring to by including the file name.

Unclear examples Clear examples using file names
"Remove bins from outside shot"
"Front1.jpg - Remove 2 bins from this external image"
"Remove bungalow photo" " IMG_234.jpg - Remove this bungalow image from video"

What if I still need more amendments?

If the order is still not quite right, please submit another amendment request.

Are there additional charges?

No. Not unless you ask us to perform an Add-on e.g. object removal on an image that was not requested in the original order.

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