How does your free trial work?

Are you interested in checking out our property marketing services want to know more about our how our free trial works? You get 3 free orders! Here's more on how it works.

Who is eligible for a free trial?

Business and property professionals who regularly market property, these include...

  • Estate or letting agents
  • EPC assessors
  • Property photographers
  • Floorplan providers

Individual house sellers and landlords are not eligible for a free trial.

What can I use my free orders for?

Mix and match your 3 free orders across the following services...

What is an ‘order’?

  • Image Enhancement: A set of images for one property, upload up to 24 images per order.
  • Floorplan Sketch Conversion: A floorplan for one property, upload up to 5 sketch files.
  • Video Slideshow: A video for a single property.

We have multiple branches, can each have a free trial?

Yes. As long as each branch is registered with a unique address, you'll each get 3 free orders!

Are there any limitations of the free trial?

  • Object removal on images is capped to 2 images per order (rather than 5).
  • Floorplans for 7 bed+ homes or complex commercial buildings not permitted.
  • Multiple user accounts (i.e. with separate emails) for the same branch not permitted.

Where do I check my free orders available?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. On the New order page, scroll down to the order summary.
  3. If you have free orders remaining, the number will be shown here...

What happens after the free trial?

Like what we do? Great! You’ll need to confirm your billing details and select payment method. Then, simply carry on placing orders like you did during the trial.

To learn about billing, see How does billing work?

Not for you? You keep all your files and we go our separate ways. Your Elements account will remain active for at least 1 year.

How do I get started?

Like the look of us? Awesome! To start your free trial, please set up an account. Try us out with no credit card, contracts or time limits!

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