How does the New uploader work?

Have you noticed a change to the way the upload process works? Well spotted. Here's why we've made changes and everything you need to know about the way it now works.

Why have you changed it?

Ever had files go missing during an upload? No? You're one of the lucky ones! If you have, we thank you for sticking with us despite this mysterious bug rearing its ugly head from time to time!

This missing file issue is the reason. Our New uploader should stop it ever happening again.

What's different?

On the surface, not a lot. Under the hood however, we've built a brand spanking new code base to run our new uploader. Here are the key differences...

Old uploader New uploader
Upload begins: When 'Place order' button clicked Instantly, when files added
Previews: Displayed before upload Displayed after upload

You'll also notice a new look! Here's how it looks for Image Enhancement orders...

So, what's the main difference?

Your files begin to upload instantly; as soon they're added to the New order page. Previews won't appear until all files have successfully uploaded to our servers.

This new process will eliminate the annoying issue of missing images :)

Please note! It's not possible to add a folder. You should open the folder and add the files.

Can I still make changes to files in the order?

Yes. You can remove unwanted files from the order when they appear in the preview. To add more files to the order, just drag them in after the initial upload has completed.

Experiencing issues with the New uploader?

As it's new, teething problems are possible. If you experience any, please email with a description of the issue and we'll fix it ASAP.

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