How should I request object removal?

Need things removing from your images? Just tell us what needs to go on the New order page; avoid delays and amendment by being specific.

Guidelines for specific instructions

Be specific about what items need removing and from where in the room.

Avoid words like clutter, stuff, rubbish, mess etc that can be subjective and open to interpretation. Here's an example of vague vs specific instructions...

  • Vague: 'Tidy room'.
  • Specific: 'Remove items from the bed, floor, wardrobe and remove all chairs'.

Where do I enter object removal instructions?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to New order > Image Enhancement.
  3. Under Add-ons, select Object removal.
  4. Select the number of images you require objects removing from.
  5. Tell us the file names and what needs removing for each image.
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