Why won't my images upload?

Are you trying to place an Image Enhancement or Video Slideshow order but something's not working as it should? You may be experiencing one of the following...

  • The loading graphic spins around but the percentage remains at 0%.
  • The percentage rises as normal but an 'undefined error' is triggered at some point.
  • A 413 'Request Entity Too Large NGINX error' is triggered at some point.

Why is this happening?

This is a bug relating to our hosting company that manage our servers.

It usually only affects larger orders of several images (18 - 24 images) where the total size of the files in the order exceeds around 130MB.

Whenever this bug occurs, our tech team need to talk to the hosting tech team to tweak some settings. Once done, normal service is resumed! 

What can I do?

Firstly, don't drag in (or select) all the images files in one go.

Instead, drag in the images in batches of 8. For example, drag in 8 images, wait for the images to upload and the previews to show, then drag in another 8 images. Repeat until all images are uploaded correctly.

Alternatively, send us the order via WeTransfer.

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