What's included/excluded from floor area calculations?

Are you looking for info on which parts of a property are included or excluded from the floor area and total area calculations? If you've selected for floor areas to be shown on your floorplans then here's what to expect.

What guidelines do you follow?

We calculate floor areas based on the RICS Code of measuring practice 6th edition, May 2015. When including floor areas, these are the Gross Internal Area (GIA) aka Net Sales Area (NSA). Refer to pages 29 - 31 for more info.

What's included?

In accordance with the RICS guidelines, the following will be included in floor area and total area calculations...

  • All normal internal usable rooms e.g. entrance halls, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, reception rooms, offices, stairways, landings, bedrooms, bathrooms, attic rooms etc
  • Basements and cellars
  • Mezzanines
  • Galleries
  • Hallways

What's excluded?

In accordance with the RICS guidelines, the following are excluded from floor area and total area calculations. Even if you provide the dimensions, these won't be included (unless you tell us otherwise)...

  • Garages (either internal or detached)
  • Conservatories (but these can be labelled separately)
  • External balconies and terraces
  • Greenhouses, garden sheds, external stores or fuel stores
  • Gardens or areas of external decking
  • External swimming pools

What if I want certain things included/excluded?

Please email support@elementsproperty.co.uk with your specific requirements and we can add a set of custom instructions to your (or your client's) account that we should follow on each order when creating your floorplans.

Alternatively, you can pop in a special instruction in the 'Special instructions' text box when placing a new order. Please note, these instructions will be followed for that order only.

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