Why am I seeing 'undefined' error when uploading?

Are you trying to upload some files via the Elements system but an 'undefined' error message pops up? This is annoying but there is something you can try.

Why is this happening?

It's a technical issue that occasionally rears it's ugly head on orders with a lot of files in the order. We have to flag it up with our hosting partner who manage our servers to get it fixed.

What can I try?

Let's say you've got an order with 24 images, rather than drag in all 24 images in one go, try splitting it up so you drag in half the images first, wait for them to upload, then drag in the rest. 

  1. Drag in 12 images
  2. Wait for them to upload and you see 'Files uploaded :) Add more if required'
  3. Drag in the rest of the images

This workaround usually works!

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