Why am I getting a 'Payment still due' notification?

Have you recently placed an order, but shortly after, a 'Payment still due' email has landed in your inbox? Here's why.

Payment method

To receive this notification, your payment method will be Credit/debit card (Pay as you go).

Why am I seeing this?

It could be one of a few things...

  1. Your card payment failed.
  2. Your bank requires multi-factor authentication (in line with SCA Regulations from Sep 2019).
  3. You were partway through the order process but didn't submit payment at checkout.

What should I do now?

You can either pay now or cancel the order. Head over to My Orders to make your choice.

Can I make payment another way?

If this keeps happening, you could consider an alternative payment method. The majority of our clients pay by Direct Debit and never experience this issue. Learn more about Direct Debit >

Once you've set up a Direct Debit mandate online in a couple of minutes, you should place the order again and cancel the problem order (or we can cancel it for you on our end).

If you've got any questions or need some help please contact billing@elementsproperty.co.uk.

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