Can you do HDR bracketing on my images?

Want help combining different exposures into one image? Select this 'Add-on' when placing an Image Enhancement order and we'll blend multiple shots using Photoshop. Additional charges apply.

What is HDR braketing?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) braketing is an advanced skill in photography. It's the process of shooting multiple versions of the same shot at different exposures and blending them into one.

Why? Because the resulting images show different details clearly e.g. one exposure will show the inside of a room clearly, another exposure will show the detail through the window clearly.

If you select HDR as an Add on, it means you're uploading multiple exposures of the same shot. We'll work out which images need HDR braketing and send you back just 1 version of each image.

Example: Upload 24 images with 2 exposures for each shot, you'll get back 12 images.

What does HDR braketing look like?

Here's some example with just 2 exposures for the same shot, the top left shows the room detail, the top right shows the window detail and the bottom image is after both have been HDR blended with both the room and the window in crystal clear view.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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