How do I request files via WeTransfer?

Having issues accessing your files or has the download option expired? If we have a backup of your files we'll send them to you via WeTransfer.

  1. Go to My orders > History.
  2. Hover over Action > select Request files via WeTransfer.

Then what?

  1. We'll look for your files in our backups (allow an hour or so). If we find them, you'll get an email from WeTransfer.
  2. Click the Get your files button or the download link in the email. will open in your browser, click the blue Download button.

About files and backups

All image and floorplan files are deleted from the Elements system after 14 days. We do keep backups for around 2 months before they are permanently deleted.

If we can find your files in our backups we'll send you them via WeTransfer. And if we can't find them, we'll let you know.

Note that videos are never deleted as they are hosted on Vimeo.

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