What is My clients?

Wondering what My clients is all about? If you supply your services to agents i.e. you do photography or floorplans for them, then this is for you.

My clients

At Elements, we offer a way for suppliers to add a profile for each of your clients and customise the service settings for each.

This means each time you place an order, you can select which client it's for and all of their settings will be sent to us - saving you time and making the whole order process quick and easy!

How do I add a new client?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My account > My clients.
  3. Click Add new client.

When adding a new client, you enter the Company name and  City/Region. All other settings will be set to 'default'. If you don't want the default settings you must update their settings before you begin placing orders for the client.

What if I don't have any clients?

Not a problem, you don't have to add any clients. Each time you place an order, simply select the option 'Use my account settings'.

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