How does Whitelabel work?

Do you want to hide Elements Property branding from appearing on your orders? Select this 'Add-on' when placing your order and we'll remove our branding. Additional charges apply.

Where does Elements Property branding appear?

As standard, the 'Produced by Elements Property' text appears in Floorplan Conversion order at the bottom of the plan and in Video Slideshow orders on the final frame. It is never shown in Image Enhancement orders.

How do I turn on Whitelabel?

Each time you place an order, select Whitelabel from the Add-ons section.

How do I set Whitelabel as my default setting?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My account > Service settings.
  3. Select the service for which you require Whitelabel.
  4. In Default Add-ons, tick the Whitelabel box and hit Save.

How much does Whitelabel cost?

£2.00 + VAT on top of the regular order price.

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