Image Enhancement Add-ons

Need some extra edits on top of the Essential edits we perform as standard? You can select any or all of these when placing an Image Enhancement order. Additional charges apply.

Object removal

Got some things in your images you want banishing to the digital recycle bin? Just tell us what to remove and we'll get rid of them.

HDR bracketing (Coming soon)

Want help combining different exposures into one image? We can blend multiple shots using Photoshop on your entire set of photos.

Green grass edit (Coming soon)

Need a spot of digital gardening doing? We can digitally replace yellow or dead grass with a lush green lawn - no grass seed required!

Dusk edit (Coming soon)

Looking to add a striking orangy-pink sunset sky into your external shots? We can swap in a dusk sky to turn up the wow factor to the max.

Extreme edit (Coming soon)

Got some shots that need some extra special TLC? We can do the hard work in Photoshop to transform your images.

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