What edits are done on 360 degree images?

Got some 360-degree property shots for our Image Enhancement treatment? Here's what edits can and can't be done.

What edits can be done?

  • Blue sky (we have to use a clear sky with no clouds)
  • Exposure correction
  • Shadow lift
  • Colour balance
  • Blurring vehicle number plates (if required)
  • Object removal (if requested)

What edits can't be done?

Due to the 'warping effect' of a 360 image, the following edits are not suitable...

  • Straighten
  • Lens correction
  • Cropping of any kind
  • Adding your logo as a watermark
  • Resizing (enhanced images will be returned at the original size)
  • Modifying and stitching ends of images together

Any additional costs?

No. Even though this is an Add-on, there is no additional charge.

How do I order a 360 edit?

  1. Login to your Elements account
  2. Go to New order > Image Enhancement
  3. Select the Add-on: 360 edit

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