How do I convert HEIC photos to JPEG?

HEIC is the file type Apple uses on its devices for photos with Live Photo enabled - these are the photos that move. The problem is that HEIC files cannot be shared in many places, including our Elements System. You'll need to convert them to JPEG.

On Mac

Converting HEIC images into the JPEG format is easy if you have a Mac computer. You don't have to download any extra software - converting it can be done in just a few steps using Preview. You must convert one photo at a time.

  1. Open Preview (You can find Preview by searching for it using Spotlight Search; Command + Space)
  2. Find and select the HEIC file you want to convert
  3. Click File from the toolbar at the top of the screen, and select Export in the dropdown menu
  4. From the Format dropdown, select JPEG
  5. From the Where dropdown, select a location to save the file
  6. Click Save

On iPhone/iPad

You can do this right from within the Files app - no third-party app required. The simple act of copying photos from the Photos app and pasting them in a folder in the Files app converts the photos from HEIC to JPEG format.

  1. Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap On My iPhone
  3. Tap and hold in the empty area and choose New Folder
  4. Name the folder and tap Done
  5. Open the Photos app and select the HEIC files you want to convert
  6. Tap Share (in bottom left) and select Copy Photos
  7. Back in Files, open the folder you just created
  8. Tap and hold in the empty area and choose Paste

How do I turn off Live Photo?

Live Photos are not intended for property photography so it's best to turn it off and avoid this converting curfuffle in the future. Once off, your photos will be saved as JPEGs. Please see How do I turn off Live Photo?

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