How do I change who receives order notification emails?

Are you wanting to add (or remove) members of your team to receive email notifications each time orders are placed and completed?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My account > Notifications.
  3. Add additional emails to your Email notification list.
  4. Set your Order notification preference.

You can add individuals like or catch-all mailboxes like

Send to ALL or send to ONE?

Send to ALL emails in list - Useful if you have several team members and you want everyone to be notified when an order is placed and more importantly, when it's completed and the files are ready.

Send to ONE email in list - Useful if you have several people all using the same Elements account, but each wants to keep email notifications specific to their orders only. The person placing the order can select their own name from a dropdown on the New order page.

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