We're a multi-branch agency, should each office have its own account?

Wondering what the key differences are between having several separate Elements accounts vs one central shared Elements account?

Separate accounts

  • Separate login details for each account.
  • Separate monthly invoices for the orders on each account.
  • Easier to separate email order notifications.
  • Each account can add the same billing contact for central payment processing.
  • Each account gets a free trial.

One central shared account

  • One set of login details that should be shared with everyone.
  • One monthly invoice for all orders placed through the account.
  • More steps involved in separating order email notifications to different people.
  • Free trial limited to one account.

Our recommendation

We would suggest it is better to have a separate account for each office, that’s what the vast majority of our multi-branch clients do.

How do I get started?

Create your account here to try us out with no credit card, contracts or time limits!

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