How do I change my settings?

Are you wondering how to change the settings of your account? This article covers everything you can customise.

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Click the 'gear icon' (top right corner).
  3. In My account, select the section you want to change something.

What settings can I change?

You can customise various settings and preferences relating to your account, billing and the services you order from us.

My details

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Password

Custom file upload


My clients

Image Enhancement settings

Floorplan Sketch Conversion settings

  • Set the default way we produce floorplans to AutoCAD or Metropix
  • Set who’s Metropix account we should use (yours/your clients or ours)
  • Set plans to be black and white or colour for Metropix orders
  • Set what file types we send completed floorplans in
  • Set plans to be black and white or colour for AutoCAD orders
  • Change colours of walls, room fill and text for AutoCAD orders
  • Set the default info to be shown on a plan for AutoCAD orders
  • Set the way your logo is shown and in what position for AutoCAD orders
  • Set your default disclaimer text for AutoCAD orders
  • Learn more about customising your floorplans.

Video Slideshow settings

  • Set your default theme colour
  • Set the phone number and email address shown on the final frame
  • Set what is shown on the final frame e.g. property, office or team photo
  • Learn more about customising your videos.

Billing settings

  • Update what company name (or who's name) appears on your invoices
  • Add more contacts to receive invoice and billing emails. Learn more.
  • Set your preferred way of paying invoices. Learn more.
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