Essential edits: What edits are done as standard?

Are you wondering what edits we perform in Photoshop and Lightroom to your property photos when you place an Image Enhancement order?

Essential edits

We perform the following 'Essential edits' as standard on all orders without you needing to tell us...

  • Adding a blue sky to external shots
  • Boosting the vibrancy of colours
  • Lifting dark shadows
  • Straightening and cropping wonky images
  • Sharpening clarity
  • Blurring vehicle number places (if required)
  • Lens correction on internal images (if suitable)
  • Adding your logo as a watermark (optional)


Currently, we use this sky in all orders, we flip it and move it around so it looks different on each order. Soon, we'll be adding a selection of different skys for you to choose from.

Edit style

We offer two different styles of edit to suit your personal taste or brand; vibrant or soft.

Vibrant edit: Rich, punchy colours designed to stand out.

Soft edit: Gentle, less saturated colours for a classic look.


You can personalise and protect your images by displaying your logo as a watermark in any position on your property photos.

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