Can you edit green grass in to a property photo?

Need a spot of digital gardening doing? Select this 'Add-on' when placing an Image Enhancement order and we'll digitally replace yellow or dead grass with a lush green lawn. Additional charges apply.

What does a green grass edit look like?

We'll let these before and afters do the talking...

How do I request a green grass edit?

  1. Go to the New order page for Image Enhancement.
  2. Add all your images as normal.
  3. Select ‘Object Removal’.
  4. Enter the file name of the image(s) and your instructions e.g. ‘Please remove the dead yellow grass and replace it with a nice green lawn’.
  5. Place the order!

Is there an additional charge?

As this is a more advanced edit requiring ‘object removal’, additional charges apply to each image requiring the special treatment. Please note, the turnaround time may also be a little longer than usual.

Learn more about Pricing and Turnaround times.

Essential edit vs object removal

As each image is different it’s hard to say which edit is right for your property.

The edits we perform as standard might be fine if you have set your account up with the Vibrant edit style. This will boost the vibrancy of the lawn colour, but if it’s already a little yellow, it won’t look great!

From experience, we’d suggest that if the once green lawn now looks like a Spanish hillside in July, the ‘object removal’ option is the one to go for.

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