How do I download my files?

Are you wondering how to download and access the files we’ve recently uploaded to your Elements account? You’ll need to ‘unzip’ them first.

Where do I download my files?

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My orders.
  3. Find the order and hover over the ‘Action’ button.
  4. Click ‘Download’.

This will initiate the download of a zip file that contains your files. You should select where the zip file will be saved on your computer but as default it may go to your downloads folder or desktop.

What is a zip file and how do I unzip it?

A zip file is the most common method of sharing files over the internet. It’s like packing your files into a digital suitcase – to retrieve them you need to open or ‘unzip’ it. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to do!

Unzipping using a PC (Windows)

If you don't already have zip software installed, download Zip Opener from the Microsoft website.

  1. Right click on the zip folder.
  2. Click ‘Extract’.

Unzipping using a Mac

If you don't already have zip software installed, download The Unarchiver from the iTunes store.

  1. Double-click on the zip folder – that’s it!

Then what?

The freshly ‘unzipped’ folder will have your files in. You can do with these as you wish to market your property in style!

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