Can I display my logo?

Are you wondering if your company logo can be displayed on your images, floorplans and videos?

Can I?

Yes, absolutely! Using a logo in your orders personalises and protects your images from competitors using the same files in their listings. There are no extra charges for displaying a logo.

In order to display your logo, first you'll need to upload it. We'll then convert it into all the different version needed for it to look just right on your files. To learn more, see How do I upload my logo?

Image Enhancement orders

We convert your logo into a semi-transparent watermark that can be displayed in anywhere on your images. Turn this feature on or off and set the position in My account.

Floorplan Sketch Conversion orders

A colour version of your logo can be displayed anywhere on your floorplans. Alternatively, a semi-transparent greyscale version can be displayed across the centre. Turn this feature on or off and set the position in My account.

Video Slideshow orders

A solid white version of your logo is displayed at the start and end of the Video Slideshow. As default, your logo is always displayed.

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