How do I provide further details/images relating to object removal?

Have you got an Image Enhancement order with a particularly tricky object to remove? For example, you have a car or van blocking a big part of the property.

We won’t know exactly what's behind it, so it would be helpful to take a photo showing what is behind and send it to us.

Rather than include this image in the upload (which you will be charged for), you can email this image over to along with the order number (or property reference) in the email subject.

Please include an explanation of why you are sending the image over and which image in the order it related to. For example...

Subject: Order 12657 (or 21 Chesterfield Road)

I have requested the van to be removed from image IMG_7698.

I attach an image to this email showing what is behind the rather large van parked outside the front of the property. This shows the detail that should help with the edit. Thanks!

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