Can I upload just external images for blue sky edits?

Are you wanting to upload a mix of external images for different properties for the blue sky treatment in a single Image Enhancement order?

Can I?

Unfortunately not. If you place an order with only external images for a mix of properties, your order may be rejected. We’ll email you about this and you won't be billed.

We’re here to help maximise the appeal of all your property shots. For each order, there should be a mix of external and internal shots for just one property under the same property reference.

Why not?

Using Photoshop to carefully insert blue sky into the external shots is a tricky skill that takes time. If an order is full of external shots for the blue sky treatment this takes much longer on our end.

You're welcome to just upload one or two external images in one order, but you'll still be charged the minimum set price for 8 images.

Sorry if this isn't the answer you wanted, but hopefully it clarifies things for you about mixing external images in a single order.

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