Why are images missing from my order?

Are you finding that after downloading your enhanced Image Enhancement files, images are missing that you expected to be there? For example, you placed an order for 12 images, but only 11 are in the folder.

Why has this happened?

It's likely a problem occurred during the upload when you placed the order and we didn't receive all the files. Please check your email as we should have contacted you about this.

These are the main reasons why some images may not successfully upload…

  • Internet Explorer – Discontinued browser, please use a modern browser like Google Chrome.
  • Technical issue – Your firewall, anti-virus software or a proxy server is causing problems.
  • File size over 10mb – The images that failed to reach us were over 10mb in size.
  • Down server – Very rare, but it's possible this caused the disruption in the upload.

What should I do?

  1. Check your inbox, you should find an email with a screenshot showing what images we have.
  2. Email orders@elementsproperty.co.uk with the missing images and add the order number in the subject.
  3. For future orders, check you're not using Internet Explorer, we recommend Google Chrome.
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