Why can’t I place an order?

Are you trying to place an order but nothing seems to work properly? Before continuing, it may be worth taking a quick look at How do I place an order? just to check you're doing it right.

Are you seeing any of the following?

  • The loading graphic spins around but the percentage remains at 0%.
  • The percentage rises as normal but an 'undefined error' is triggered at some point.
  • A 413 'Request Entity Too Large NGINX error' is triggered at some point.

Please see Why won't my images upload? for more info and a solution.

What else could the issue be?

What can I try?

We've made a flowchart to help diagnose the issue, see it below or download it here.

1. Make sure files are not on a memory card, USB or external drive

Move files from a memory card, USB or external hard drive to a folder on your computer before attempting to upload them.

2. Use a different browser

Try to place the order again from a different browser. Here are links to download Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Don't know what browser you're using? Visit https://whatsmybrowser.org to find out.

3. Fix browser settings

Visit https://whatsmybrowser.org. Here, you'll see a snapshot of your browser settings. For our site to work correctly...

  • Javascript enabled should be Yes (if it says No, click here)
  • Cookies enabled should be Yes (if it says No, click here)
  • AdBlock enabled (Chrome only) should be No (if it says Yes, click here)
  • Websockets supported should be Yes (if it says No, use a modern browser like Chrome

4. Use a different computer

Try placing the order from a different computer in your office that uses the same internet connection.

  • If everything works fine, then we know which computer has the issue.
  • If the issue persists, then it's likely the problem is with your internet connection.

5. Clear your browser cache

Your browser uses as 'cache' to temporarily store data relating to our site so it doesn't need to download the same data each time you visit.

Sometimes things get a little clogged up and the simple process of clearing your cache can fix the issue. See How do I clear my cache?

6. Check antivirus and firewall settings

Try tweaking the settings or adding https://app.elementsproperty.co.uk to a ‘safe list’ or ‘white list’ of sites. Look for settings about file uploads and disable any restrictions.

7. Connect to the internet using an ethernet cable

Your connection will be much more stable, especially in offices where several people share the same WIFI connection. Definitely worth a try! Buy an ethernet cable on Amazon.

8. Tell your IT person the issue

Work in a 'large' or shared office? You should report the issue to the person who manages the computer network.

We put this last because your IT person will need you to have tried all the previous steps to help rule out potential issues. If they've set up your network with certain restrictions that affect our website, it should be possible to remove or tweak them to enable you to upload files.

Please copy and paste the following text into an email and send it to your IT person. It would be useful if you can copy in support@elementsproperty.co.uk.

SUBJECT: Problem uploading files to Elements Property


Please can you help us with the following issue?

We are trying to upload files to a website https://app.elementsproperty.co.uk but we are experiencing a technical issue where the files won't upload.

As requested by Elements, the text in this email has been copied and pasted from their Support site, specifically, this page: Why can't I place an order? A breakdown of the various things we have tried to remedy the issue is also in this article.

Elemen ts Property help out with our property marketing. In a nutshell, the Elements website is a custom PHP site which facilitates the transfer of files like property photos and floorplans, typically JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PDF and WMF. The maximum possible file upload in one order is 24 files, each 10mb in size, so 240mb.


  1. Are there any specific or global security limits on file uploads or outbound traffic? Perhaps in a certain time period? If so, can we disable them for their site?
  2. Do we have any antivirus or firewall settings that could be causing problems? If so, can we tweak the settings to allow their site?
  3. Is there anything else you can think of that may be causing the issue?


You can try to replicate the issue yourself by logging in with our account credentials and placing a test order. If you need any help, please see How do I place an order?

  • Email login: [Type the main login email for your account]
  • Password: [Type your password]
  1. Download example images from Dropbox (fine to use other images if you like)
  2. Login here: https://app.elementsproperty.co.uk/login.php
  3. Go to the Image Enhancement page
  4. Drag in the images (or click to select from computer)
  5. Enter 'Test - Do not edit' as the Property Reference
  6. Click 'Place order'

If you need to contact Elements, Alex is the best person to speak to on 0330 808 1616. Their email is support@elementsproperty.co.uk, please copy them into any reply.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!


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