How do I place an order via WeTransfer?

Are you experiencing a problem while trying to place an order through our system? WeTransfer is a handy and free third party service that you can use to send us an order.

What do I do?

  1. Go to (and choose the free option).
  2. Drag and drop your files anywhere on the WeTransfer page.
  3. In Email to enter
  4. In Your email enter your email address.
  5. In the Message enter the property reference e.g. 21 Chesterfield Road along with any extra order info we may need (see below).
  6. Click Transfer.

Extra info?

Please add any extra info in the Message field along with the property reference. Things like...

  • Object removal instructions (image orders)
  • The address to show on the floorplan (floorplan orders)
  • Special instructions (floorplan orders)
  • Who to send the email order notifications to (if required)
  • Which of your clients this order is for (if you're a supplier)

What happens next?

Once your files have been sent to us, you’ll get a couple of emails. One when we download the files from WeTransfer and another when we add the order to your Elements account.

We’ll then process the order as normal, so keep a lookout for the final email letting you know when the completed order is ready. Go to My orders to access your files.

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