What style of floorplan can you produce?

Are you wondering what kinds of floorplans we can create? Black and white, Custom colour, Zoned colour, Metropix - here's what we can do for you.


We specialise in producing 2D floorplans only. If you’re looking for 3D floorplans, sorry but we can’t help with that.

Black and white

The old classic! Yes, black and white floorplans are very popular and we create them with black walls and black text on a white background.

Custom colour

Customise the walls, room fill and text colour to any colours you like. We think matching them to your (or your client's) brand colours looks great!

Zoned colour

Living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, storage areas etc are differentiated by using unique colours for each 'zone'. These colours are fixed and cannot be customised.

Can I customise my floorplans?

The options for customisation are plentiful. Please see How do I customise my floorplans?

Got any examples?

You bet! Click here to download a zip file containing...

  • Black and white floorplan
  • Custom colour floorplans
  • Zoned colour floorplan (similar to Metropix)
  • Floorplan sketches
  • An infographic on how to draw a floorplan
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