How accurate do my floorplan sketches need to be?

Are you wondering how accurate the sketches you send for Floorplan Sketch Conversion need to be?

What do you need from me?

We don't need (or get!) works of art. Rough and ready is fine but we do need you to take as much care as possible to help ensure the plan is completed correctly the first time around.

Even if visually the plan doesn’t look quite correct, the most important things we need are...

  • Easy to read text and measurements
  • As many measurements as possible
  • Measurements written against each wall (with arrows to end points if possible!)
  • Everything you want to be shown on the plan clearly marked (with a legend if necessary)

Below is an example of roughly how we need your sketch to look. Need more examples? Download a zip file of some sketches and completed plans by clicking here.

Wall measurements

  • Measurements should be clear and legible
  • The more wall measurements the better
  • Measure to 2 decimal places (optional - 1 decimal place is normally fine).
  • Write the measurement next to the wall
  • If unclear, use arrows to show where the measurement was taken

If you have no dimensions or feel some dimensions could be wrong, please check this box on the special instructions section when placing the order...

Doors, windows and stairs

  • Draw these on ‘by eye’ roughly where they are
  • No need to measure precise location and widths

Kitchens and bathrooms

  • Sketch on worktops, sinks and hobs roughly where they are located
  • Sketch on the baths, showers, toilets and sinks roughly where they are located
  • No need to measure precise location and widths of the above items

Floors and room names

  • Include all floors and building parts (these can be on separate pages)
  • Write on the floors e.g. Ground Floor, First Floor
  • Write the room name in the centre of the room exactly as you want it to appear


  • Not required, but if you want it shown on your plan, be sure to enter this exactly as it should read in the ‘Address to show on floorplan’ text box on the New order page

How do I draw a floorplan sketch?

Please see How do I draw a floorplan sketch?

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