Why have you sent me the wrong floorplan type? I wanted Metropix

Were you expecting to get a Metropix floorplan file and reference number back from us but instead you received a regular AutoCAD version?

What's going on?

There could be a few reasons for this...

  • The floorplan settings for your account are not configured correctly
  • The floorplan settings for your client are not configured correctly (suppliers)
  • You accidentally placed an order for a client using your default settings (suppliers)
  • We have made a mistake and sent you the wrong file type

What should I do?

First, double check the folder

Please check the zip file you’ve downloaded of the completed floorplan. There should be a Metropix.txt file inside containing a reference number and URL that looks like this. If it's not there, keep on reading!

Next, check in My orders

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Go to My orders.
  3. Find the order and click anywhere on it to expand the details (don't click the Action button).
  4. Under 'Details', it will either say '2D Metropix floorplan' or '2D AutoCAD floorplan'.

If it says ' 2D Metropix floorplan' then we've messed up. Apologies! To get it fixed, please submit an amendment request to inform us of our mistake and we'll redo the plan in Metropix ASAP.

If it says ' 2D AutoCAD floorplan' then the order was placed with the wrong settings. Please submit an amendment request asking us to redo the plan in Metropix.

What should I do about my settings?

Check your settings are correct

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Click the 'gear icon' (top right).
  3. Go to Floorplan Sketch Conversion settings.
  4. In 'How should we produce your floorplans?' select 'Metropix'.
  5. Click 'Save changes'.

Check your client(s) settings are correct

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Click the 'gear icon' (top right).
  3. Go to My clients.
  4. Find your client and click the 'gear icon' to change their settings.
  5. Go to Floorplan Sketch Conversion.
  6. In 'How should we produce their floorplans?' select 'Metropix'.
  7. Click 'Save client'.

If all your client's settings are as you'd like them, it could be you accidentally selected the wrong client or, you selected 'Use my account settings' when placing the order. If these are set to AutoCAD, this is the reason for the mix up.

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