How do I place a Video Slideshow order?

Are you wondering how to place an order for a Video Slideshow order? It's really quick and all done through our easy-to-use website. Here's how.

What should I do before placing my first order?

There’s just a few things you need to do that will make sure the videos match your brand and look awesome!

  1. Login to your Elements account.
  2. Click the 'gear icon' (top right).
  3. Go to Video Sideshow settings.
  4. Upload your logo, set your preferences, and add your contact info.
  5. Click 'Save changes'.
  6. Go to the New order page to place your order!

Any guidelines for my images?

With or without Image Enhancement?

Video Slideshows integrate nicely with Image Enhancement orders. You can easily link orders for each to get beautiful enhanced images in your videos, but you don't have to...

  • To use enhanced photos, first place an Image Enhancement order, then on the Video Slideshow order, select the property reference from the drop-down.
  • To use photos without enhancement, you'll need to create a zip file of your images and upload it to the Video Slideshow order page.

What's the order sequence of the images?

There are a couple of options here, either you decide the order, or, leave it to us...

  • If you want to decide, you should rename the file names of the images before placing the order. For example 1.jpg, 2.jpg 3.jpg and so on.
  • If we should decide, no renaming of files is required. The sequence will generally start outside, move through the ground floor, up to the first floor, then out to the garden.

What property details do you need?

Tell us (and your viewers!) more about the property, we need the following...

  • Address to be displayed
  • Short description of the property
  • Availability e.g. for sale, to let or holiday home
  • 6 key features
  • Full description (optional)

What will I get back from you?

When we've finished your video, we'll upload a unique URL to link to the video in My orders.

The link points to where your video is hosted - on Vimeo. You can then do all sorts of things with this link, please see How do I share my video on Rightmove, social media, my website etc?

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