Why am I getting payment reminders?

Are you getting email reminders saying an invoice is overdue even though payment has been made or a Direct Debit has been set up?

Payment reminders on the day an invoice is due, at 7 days overdue, 14 days overdue, 21 days overdue and 28 days overdue.

Did you make the payment by bank transfer?

It's likely the payment has not reached our bank account in time before the reminder was triggered. Once it lands in our account and is reconciled, you won’t get any further reminders.

Have ALL outstanding invoices been paid?

It could be that a recent payment was for a different invoice and there further invoices overdue.

Have you recently set up a Direct Debit?

If you have recently set up a Direct Debit, a payment reminder can still be triggered if it was set up after the invoice was raised. You can ignore any payment reminders.

How can I stop getting payment reminders?

Set up a Direct Debit to make payments. To learn more, see How does payment via Direct Debit work?

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